Blue Sky | Business Solutions

Specialist in Sales Management & Digital Marketing –
Based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

30 Years Sales & Marketing Experience

Blue Sky | Business Solutions, based in Stoke on Trent, offer Web Page Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Web page management, Sales Support and Sales Training for businesses in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and throughout the United Kingdom.

I can support and develop your business / brand, create a digital marketing solution including a web site, optimised, ensuring your website is easy to navigate and mobile friendly.

Effective Digital Marketing develops leads which you can prospect into Successful Sales and Profitable business.

Latest Projects

Towyn Caravans 4 Hire advertising privately owned caravans, available for hire in Towyn, North Wales. Offering Caravan Owners the opportunity of advertising, and sales support to help ensure hirer and caravan owner are both happy throughout the entire advertising and booking confirmation process.

Do you own a caravan in Towyn – North Wales? why not contact us or visit https://towyncaravans4hire.co.uk/ to discuss taking the hassle out of advertising and rentals – we can offer FREE ADVERTISING.

Your business may already have an effective brand, and your Marketing is developing new leads.

Customer Relationship Management is critical to your Business Success.

I have 30 years Retail, Business Development & Sales Account Management experience I can help develop your Unique Sales Proposition to close more profitable sales.

Contact – Craig an experienced Business Development Consultant offering Digital Marketing Packages – for Small Businesses in the UK

  • Build your Brand
  • Design, Build & Customise your Website
  • Implement an organised system for managing sales and your customers needs, keeping your customers happy, helping you maintain a profitable business.

Website Design and Build Packages start from £499 – Customised for your business – LIVE for a year.

Live Web Page Designed Specifically for your Business and Hosted for a year

I go through your plans for the business, make sure you have a suitable logo, business card, letterhead and web site, demonstrating and training you how to optimise your web page in search engines such as google, set you up on google places/maps, set up a facebook page, and a linkedin profile. All aligned to a Business, Sales and Marketing Plan, a strategic approach to developing your sales within your business.

Your business your way – I can be involved as little or as much as you like to support your Advertising / Sales and Customer Relationship Management.

But for £499 you will get a logo, business card design, letter head and website – LIVE FOR A YEAR, hosted with easy access via a online service (domain host) and you will be trained to manage your web site by me, I also offer on going support to ensure you are maximising your business exposure on the internet and creating as many opportunities or leads for your business as you want or need to develop your business to the next level.

Craig Sherratt – Business Consultant

Digital Marketing & Sales Specialist