City of Stoke-on-Trent – Pots and Pits Culture – #Time4Change

The City of Stoke-on-Trent is a industrial area historically Manufacturing Pottery and mining for Coal, Pots and Pits are our proud heritage.

We have a culture of being hard working “grafters”.

Pottery is now cheaper to produce and import from China and India, Coal is not viable to mine in the UK.

HOW should Stoke develop?

Culturally the focus on working hard, to earn a few quid, to keep food on the table and be able to have a social life surrounded by large families and the large groups is what Stoke is about – but the way we work is changing #COVID19 will tell you that.

The pits, the pots, the pubs …. the workingmen’s clubs – all going.

Modern culture is focused around communications …. Stoke has an industrial heritage to be proud off and a strong historical work ethic we need to be proud of that too …. the world is changing and modern culture is changing.

Education, Transport, Health and a focus on developing Stoke means we need to change and adapt or we get left behind and change needs to be lead by people who care about Stoke.

#StokeOnTrent #BlueSky #Time4Change

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