Blue Sky – Daily Plan – to reduce rumination

I first started this journey by reading the Chimp Paradox, explaining the psychological mind is made up of at least 3 brains, all with different beliefs and agendas, we develop automatic functioning in our computer (by putting programs into our computer) which can then run automatically on autopilot.

Programs or information are put into the computer either by the emotional brain (our Chimp) or by information put in by our Human or logical brain.

When we wake up our brain will automatically go into emotional/chimp mode, survival mode. If its attacked by anything or any thought, we will become anxious our FFF response.

Most of our day is spent in an emotional state because our chimp brain, our emotional brain is 5 times faster than the Human logical brain.

The way the brain works is all messages first go to the emotional centre and are then offered to the computer or the logical brain for us to come up with a plan, these plans or preprogramed automatic reactions or functions happen quickly, more quickly than our logical (or human brain can cope with) and its therefore important that we start the day by managing our emotional chimp, making it happy and one way to do this is to let the chimp see you have a plan for the day.

Our human, logical thinking brain, works in conflict to the emotional brain it seeks truth and logic (a plan) but that chimp wants to survive, perpetuate the specious (EAT, SLEEP, F#CK) and is in constant fear of being attacked.

The human is searching for truth and facts and just thinks the chimp is immature.

Intelligence Smart Genius Gifted Wisdom Ignorance

But the emotional chimp is 5 times more powerful than the logical human.

Grumpy Chimp (@GrumpyChimp) | Twitter

Both of these brains put information into the 3rd part of the psychological mind the computer for automatic functioning, quickest part of the brain.

The Chimp Management Model - for confidence, success & happiness - Service  Desk Institute

When you wake your Chimp will be excited, EAT, SLEEP, F#CK.

You need to manage your chimp and make it happy, you can feed it, not just food for the body but food for the mind, make this positive food blue sky thinking brain food.

A great way to start your day is with a visualisation a positive self image, mindfulness style meditation is a great way to enter a positive state of mind.

Many successful individuals talk about their state, are they happy, unhappy, negative, positive, calm, irrational, healthy, unhealthy, stressed or relaxed.

Take a few moments to breathe, reinforce a positive self image, see yourself how your truly want to look and feel for that day, that week, the rest of your life.

90% of what we communicate to the outside world is non-verbal, if you start your day with a positive self image you will feel better in yourself, be calm, confident and have belief in yourself, the outside world will perceive someone differently who is positive, calm and confident compared to someone who is negative, irrational and lacks confidence.

Finish the previous day or working day with a plan for the next day, keep it simple, this way I can use that in my visualisation for the day / week / month and life ahead to be positive and not stress, be anxious, worried or ruminate about the day / week /month or life ahead.

How To Write A To Do List That You'll Actually Stick To

Rumination is stress caused by your concerns about not having a plan, powerful chemical released by the brain which cause anxiety and physical health problems.

Your plan should not be complex – maybe appointments, IMPORTANT things to do in your personal and work life, I like to write it down, it feels cathartic and that way its off loaded from your emotional brain and helps you start your day with a stress free visualization of the day ahead.

As a Successful Sales Manager I have always wanted what is best for myself, my family, my friends and my customers and prospective future customers.

7 Hard Lessons You Need to Learn if You Want a Happy, Successful Life |

Your minds computer is full of programs running, all these programs with their own agenda and beliefs put in their by the emotional chimp and the logical human.

Information and Communications is received fast in modern life – faster than our brains are built to cope with. 50 years ago communication was by letter, newspaper, a few 100 years civilisations communicated verbally. Humans have been on this earth for 1000s of years but with computer working faster, we are bombarded with information, notifications, alerts, reminders also designed to cause that little bit of stress that creates a reaction in our brain.

Notifications Challenge. Here's a “shallow dive” into how to get… | by  Stephen J. Lalla | Medium

Do you want to be in control or hand that control to something or someone else.

Coping with Anxiety for Legal Professionals | LawCare

Take control, have daily “blue sky” plan, slow down visualise the day ahead and reduce the stress and anxiety in your life, that we are not currently evolved enough to cope with.

21 Easy Ways to Create a Calm Mind (Without Meditating)

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