2021 – COVID19 Vaccine – Be Less Stressed – Reduce the notifications

2020 is nearly at an end, and it may have been a year when the World has been attacked by #COVID19 virus and in the #UK we have had the challenge of #BREXIT. With the announcement of the AZ Vaccine being approved its great news and will roll out throughout the UK and the world in 2021

Since the start of 2020 The world has changed, and your life has no doubt changed. Many have come to realise the importance of #people in our lives, also life experiences like holidays and adventures, and simple things like meeting friends for a coffee or pint of beer in pub are not to be taken for granted. But we have also learnt that we can communicate with people globally using new technology like Zoom and Teams.

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I think many of us have learnt that life is not a rehearsal and we are here for a relatively short time and we should make the most of our life experiences and the people we want to be around.

The plastic boxes many of us have become accustomed to staring into during the day and night can be turned off for a while. We can speak to people face-to-face, have that experience, that holiday, that coffee, that pint in the pub.

The plastic box is a tool, you don’t always have to respond immediately to the ping from the plastic box, or expect others to respond to the ping. Tools are there to make tasks easier but tools can live in a toolbox. You can carry a tool box with you to the job but you don’t need to check your hammer is in there every minute for when you want to hammer in a nail. Put your phone away occasionally, put in on charge and forget about it, forget the iPad for a few hours, do you really need to check you emails every hour.

The Starter Tool Kit - The New York Times

We live in a world of quick communication, a tweet is read by 1000s in a seconds, Facebook, Instagram, etc etc etc. These are all large marketing companies who get information out there to make $billions, but don’t let the notifications cause anxiety and stress to you and the people you love, that plastic box is a tool, and can live in a tool box (pocket) and the world won’t end if you don’t respond to the ping immediately as soon as you hear it. Keep your tools in your tool box.

You can start you day with a plan scheduled meeting/appointments (Zoom calls etc), have an important things to do list – forget the insignificant stuff just sweat the big stuff don’t get stressed by ping, ping, ping.

TIP FOR THE END OF 2020 OR START OF 2021 – Ask yourself is that “ping” helping me …. if not … do I want or need it ?

In 2021 if you want to see one of them lovely skin covered humans and he or she wants to see you will be able too.

#StaySafe, Wash your #Hands, Wear a mask, get vaccinated, beat the virus. This time next year #COVID19 will be managed. Let’s move on into 2021 and start to enjoying life and people again and use your tools to help you complete the task and enjoy life’s experiences and most of all other the people you want to be around.

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