Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run

This morning started with 10 minutes of focused breathing, mindful meditation. Typically when I wake the amygdala kicks in and I start to ruminate so 10 minutes to centre myself and enter a calm state.

This is followed by a review of my daily plan. So again to ensure rumination is not an issue I have a Daily Plan created yesterday and I quickly review any notes and emails and add them to my daily plan (Diary/Journal)

NOTE to stop that overactive Monkey leaping in my mind its important the daily plan is in one place and in my case its one page in a journal of appointments, tasks with priority tasks highlighted with a red exclamation marks (this blue sky plan works for me).

Then its endorphin time. 30 minutes cardio run, brisk warm up walk followed by a jog and some fast pace walking to keep up the heart rate. Ending with a sprint to get them endorphins pumping.

30 Mins Cardio Jog/Walk

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