So yesterday started with a 10 minute breathing exercise to calm the nervous system.

I then did 20 x 1 minute arm curls with 30 second breaks, so 60 second of bicep curl on 1 arm then a 30 second break, 20 times.

I then went for 1 hour cardio / run, so 5 minute brisk warm up walk. Then a run for around 10 minutes, slow down to a fast walk run again for another five minutes and so on.

So the run started on the Greenway, Scotia Valley, on to #Tunstall Park around the park, back across Scotia Valley Greenway in #Stoke-on-Trent.

5k run – Stoke on Trent
Running on the Greenway

Later in the day I took a walk down to the greenway around #Goldenhill Golf Course, down #Kidsgrove back and back along the greenway.

A total in the day of 30 minute arms and nearly 15K walking/running cardio.

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