UK – England Lockdown rules to End on July 19 2021

“The Pandemic is not over” – Boris Johnson


England will move to .final stage of the roadmap, but the government warns us to be cautious, the pandemic is not over.

The current wave is expected to peak Mid August, when 2000 people per day could go into hospital, and around 200 people per day will probably die from COVID-19.

Vaccinations have been highly successful in England providing a protective wall to help us withstand this current wave . We do have to realise that life has changed Covid status certification using the NHS App is likely to become a normal part of life. People should understand that its safer too meet outdoors, habits like shaking hands, cough or sneezing in public, and the use of hand sanitiser will no doubt have changed the way we live for ever.

Labours Keir Starmer has called the plan “reckless”

More than 45.9 million people – or 87% of adults in the UK – have now had at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, more than 34.8 million – around two-thirds of adults – have had both doses.

What restriction an guidelines will remain in place after 19th Jul

People should meet others outside where possible

Wear face coverings in crowded public settings such as public transport

Business will we encouraged, when hosting large events to use Covid-certification on the NHS App

Graphic showing changes from 19 July

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