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Tell me a little about your your caravan in Towyn, I can help you with your advertising.

I will contact you too run through a few questions, please find 6 – 10 nice images/photographs of your caravan.

I need at least on outside/external (ideally with a blue sky 😉 ) and some internal photographs (no need for one of the toilet).

What little extras do you provide?

What are you proud of?

Our Typical Questions are

Externally, do you have ?

Veranda, Patio/Seating Area, Parking Bay, Outside Storage, Hot tub, ramp, steps, key safe, CCTV

Inside, do you have


Are Gas / Electric / Water Costs included?

Is the Caravan Double/Single Glazed?

Does the Caravan have an Alarm or CCTV?

Does the Caravan have a Shower, Bath, Separate Toilet to Shower/Bathroom?

Are Pets allowed?

Are Children allowed?

Are Single Sex Groups allowed?

Does the caravan have lounge, lounge/diner, dining area (seperate), kitchen?

How many bedrooms?

What is the maximum occupancy?

Do you provide bedding?

What little extras are you really proud of ………

Once we have been through a few questions, I will ask for pictures by email, WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS message.

I will then work on your advertising, I will be send you a draft web page/ad for approval, and we can go live with you ad. Easy as that.

We have some terms and conditions to protect both owner and hirer, which I can explain.

Thanks for considering advertising with and

Craig @ Blue Sky | Business Solutions

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