Blue Sky | Business Plan | Define the Opportunity

Lets start by considering your business

To get a overview of the business we should discuss

Objectives – Short Term / Medium Term/ Long Term

Experience – Testimonials (Previous Products /Service Supplied), Education, Training, Qualifications, Certifications

Prospective Customers Demographics/Psychographics, how old are they, how much do they earn, where do your prospects come from, what do they do? lifestyle? activities?

Competitors – Strengths – Weaknesses

Opportunities / Threats

(SWOT Analysis)

What sets your business apart – makes you different – unique selling points (USPs)

Current Website / Logo / Leaflets / Brochure/ Business Cards / Signage (Brand Plan)

Promotions – Marketing – Sales

Key Personnel – Job Roles – Responsibilities – Titles

Laws / Regulations

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