Easter Holiday In Towyn North Wales

Caravan owners and hirers looking for an Easter Break in Towyn, North Wales can be optimistic of a road map to caravan sites being able to open to visitors. Mark Drakeford – First Minister for Wales recently announced he could “see a path” towards reopening caravan parks and other parts of the tourism and hospitalityContinue reading “Easter Holiday In Towyn North Wales”

UK-Leading the way- by May 2021 99% of the most vulnerable should be vaccinated

There is no doubt that COVID19 vaccination plan is well on target, vaccinating over 2 million people per week. UK Government shows the highest number of vaccinations in one day according to the BBC News website. 88% of deaths have been in the group that will have been offered a vaccination by the end ofContinue reading “UK-Leading the way- by May 2021 99% of the most vulnerable should be vaccinated”

Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run

This morning started with 10 minutes of focused breathing, mindful meditation. Typically when I wake the amygdala kicks in and I start to ruminate so 10 minutes to centre myself and enter a calm state. This is followed by a review of my daily plan. So again to ensure rumination is not an issue IContinue reading “Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run”

Caravan owners in Towyn North Wales interested in free advertising

Blue Sky Business Solutions can offer caravan owners in Towyn, North Wales a FREE Web Page Advertisement, professional marketing and administration of bookings. Interested? We offer to targeted professional advertising, we will make offers to potential customer, confirm a booking on yours and the hirers/ customers behalf. Once a booking is confirmed we then chargeContinue reading “Caravan owners in Towyn North Wales interested in free advertising”

Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio – Legs

Wake up – 10 minutes breathing exercise for calming the nervous system – guided meditation. I am not a guru but 10 minute sitting on the settee following your breath to help reduce rumination is a great way to start the day. Then a #BlueSky daily plan one list in one place everything you wantContinue reading “Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio – Legs”

Couch to 5k – Warm Up 2

So todays run for #Couchto5k was a steady 5 Minute Warm Up walk followed by 15 minutes run 2 mins walking then 15 minutes run and a further 5 minute warm down. I ran the greenway – Scotia Valley near Tunstall #Stoke-on-Trent. Not exactly a #BlueSky day but pleasant enough, Mondays run will be WeekContinue reading “Couch to 5k – Warm Up 2”

Blue Sky | Business Solution | £299 Web Page

The Blue Sky | Business Solutions Basic Web Page Package offers a Web Page designed, built and optimised for your business by a sales consultant with 30 years sales and marketing experience. A web site live for 12 months. I start by looking at your business opportunity, what products and services do you offer? WhatContinue reading “Blue Sky | Business Solution | £299 Web Page”