Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run

This morning started with 10 minutes of focused breathing, mindful meditation. Typically when I wake the amygdala kicks in and I start to ruminate so 10 minutes to centre myself and enter a calm state. This is followed by a review of my daily plan. So again to ensure rumination is not an issue IContinue reading “Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run”

Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio – Legs

Wake up – 10 minutes breathing exercise for calming the nervous system – guided meditation. I am not a guru but 10 minute sitting on the settee following your breath to help reduce rumination is a great way to start the day. Then a #BlueSky daily plan one list in one place everything you wantContinue reading “Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio – Legs”

Couch to 5K – 2021 – Warm Up

Couchto5K #Couchto5K – Laura thanks for the motivation. Unfortunately because of poor weather I haven’t had the confidence to run for 2 weeks so decided to just to try a warm up jog. Managed 25 minutes plus 8 mins warm up/ down. Ran this in 3 stints with a short rest in-between. Felt good toContinue reading “Couch to 5K – 2021 – Warm Up”

Couch to 5k – Delayed – recommendation?

Sorry Laura but #Couchto5K has been put on temporary hold. I am walking regularly but unfortunately I am not confident enough to run on the Greenway and paths of #StokeOnTrent. Just wondering because I have skipped a week – would you recommend going back a week or so ?

Couch to 5K – Run 16

Complete – thanks Laura #Couchto5k #Run16 #Week6. Stuck to the plan exactly and it feels a little less challenging than #Run15 and I assume that’s all about the psychology of becoming a runner 🏃‍♂️. I must say as a morning person running in the daylight is much more enjoyable, the shortest day is just aroundContinue reading “Couch to 5K – Run 16”

Couch to 5K – Run 14

Complete thank you Laura #Couchto5k. Certainly was a run in the cold and dark. Can not say I found this easy but remembered to focus on a slower pace to ensure I completed this run. The weather was awful 😫 which really is not motivating but I did it. So planned next run for FridayContinue reading “Couch to 5K – Run 14”

Couch to 5K – Run 13

Complete – thanks Laura. 3 x 5 minute runs, focused on pace so as not to over do it and become exhausted. Stick to the plan and done. Ready for the next run on Wednesday. The mornings are dark the weather is bad but I’m doing it Couch to 5K on plan, on target toContinue reading “Couch to 5K – Run 13”

Couch to 5K – Run 12

Complete – it was a challenge, I have only completed 2 runs in 7 days because of suffering from a virus, and it felt a little more difficult than run 10 and 11. But its done. I may just complete Run 12a on Sunday before moving on to make sure I am fully recovered andContinue reading “Couch to 5K – Run 12”