Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run

This morning started with 10 minutes of focused breathing, mindful meditation. Typically when I wake the amygdala kicks in and I start to ruminate so 10 minutes to centre myself and enter a calm state. This is followed by a review of my daily plan. So again to ensure rumination is not an issue IContinue reading “Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio Run”

Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio – Legs

Wake up – 10 minutes breathing exercise for calming the nervous system – guided meditation. I am not a guru but 10 minute sitting on the settee following your breath to help reduce rumination is a great way to start the day. Then a #BlueSky daily plan one list in one place everything you wantContinue reading “Blue Sky – 30 Mins – Cardio – Legs”

Couch to 5K – 2021 – Warm Up

Couchto5K #Couchto5K – Laura thanks for the motivation. Unfortunately because of poor weather I haven’t had the confidence to run for 2 weeks so decided to just to try a warm up jog. Managed 25 minutes plus 8 mins warm up/ down. Ran this in 3 stints with a short rest in-between. Felt good toContinue reading “Couch to 5K – 2021 – Warm Up”